September/October, 2022

Autumn's Lessons Abound 

“Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.” - Unknown

Autumn shows us, quite literally, what it is like to let go. We see the trees silently and peacefully shedding their leaves. There is a great lesson to be had if we take a moment to apply this natural phenomenon to our own lives.

As human beings, we do not let go of our “things” quite as easily as the autumn vegetation around us. We hold tight to our possessions. We can’t just let our “stuff” go. What if we need it someday? Whether what you are hanging onto are actual physical objects or something like emotional baggage…no matter. It can all hold you back!

Eastern philosophy believes our lack of letting go actually prevents us from evolving into our greater selves. It is the belief that, if we do not allow certain things to fall away, we end up carrying too heavy a load. We simply can’t move forward as the burden of holding on to these “things” becomes too great.

So, where to start? Begin with something small – something a bit easier – to let go of. Sit with the thought of what it would be like without “it” for a bit. Then, literally or figuratively - whatever the situation dictates - let it go. Don’t stop there. Continue to take active steps towards this lighter version of you. Move on to bigger items, knowing each time you release unneeded “things” in your life, you free yourself to evolve, change and truly develop. Refuse to let these “things” hold you back. Your future new growth depends on it!

Finally, do not be belabored by this letting go. Remember, the trees shed their leaves effortlessly. Learn from their example. Let go of these cumbersome "things" with the steadfast faith of the trees...confident in the belief that spring - and new blossoms - will indeed come again.

Be Well,
Your friends at the Healer Within Foundation

NEW: The Art Of Tai Chi Flow Course

Want to keep your Tai Chi practice fresh, fun and FLOWING? Many find their initial experience of Tai Chi/Qigong practices truly transformative and  inspiring.  From  your initial experience, you may have eagerly sought out classes - but then something happened - and you found yourself losing interest. You may have felt those new classes were just too confusing, caused you stress or conversely, you found them boring and lacking in any meaningful challenge. Often when Tai Chi is discussed it is in the context of how practicing can support extraordinary health and wellness benefits. The multitude of health benefits are a cause for celebration, but there is more

The “more” could be how you find a way to access the FLOW state in your Tai Chi practice.  When "in the flow," you are totally engaged in what is happening. You are deeply immersed in the present moment experience. Without seeking and much to your delight, you find yourself experiencing happiness and joy. This workshop is for everyone who, having started to practice Tai Chi or other mind-body practices, are asking themselves how they might continue to grow and deepen the experience of flow. 

Join Institute of Integral Qigong & Tai Chi (IIQTC) Senior Trainer, David Lehman (pictured below), as you learn to develop and experience your own Tai Chi FLOW path. Course begins October 1st!

The Art of Tai Chi Flow Workshop
Offered in Three Sessions - Live online via Zoom
Saturday, October 1
Noon – 4pm ET
Saturday, October 8
Noon – 3pm ET
Saturday, October 15
Noon – 3pm ET


David has spent a lifetime (so you do not have to) passionately exploring Tai Chi as both a martial art and a profound moving meditation and healing practice. This on-line virtual workshop will be conducted over three weeks to allow your own powerful experiences of flow to emerge. The heart of the program is understanding how to practice and stay in Tai Chi flow. Upon completion of the workshop you will have learned to:

    • Develop and fully experience FLOW while practicing Tai Chi
    • Understand how to cultivate the FLOW experience through Tai Chi for a lifetime

Investment for this transformative 10-hour workshop is just $197

Click Here For More Information/Registration

Join Us For Empowered Relief

Join instructor Josie Weaver (pictured left), on Thursday, October 20th at 10:00am PT/1:00pm ET, for a powerful 2-hour LIVE interactive presentation focused on relief from chronic pain. Josie will feature Qigong breath and movement exercises rooted in the Empowered Relief™ pain skills course developed by Stanford University pain scientist, Dr. Beth Darnall.

Click HERE for an informative article entitled, Empowered Relief: Meeting the Needs of a Nation in Pain, written by Dr. Darnall and featured in Psychology Today.

If you are alive, you will at some point experience pain in your life. How you think and feel about pain will, in many ways, determine your pain experience. This presentation will explain why this is so and provide you tools to handle pain or support others in your life, who may be experiencing prolonged or chronic pain. 

Cost for this informative and empowering presentation is only $47. Course space fills quickly so please click HERE to register today!

Apply Today! HWF Practice Leader Fellowship Program

Our Fellowship Program seeks to identify and support remarkable individuals who cultivate practice groups with people and in traditionally underserved communities  to increase the availability of self-healing for all people.

The HWF Practice Leader Fellowship Program: 
Solicits applications from qualified individuals to lead Healer Within and/or Tai Chi Easy™ practice groups in locations which might otherwise not be able to support such groups dues to lack of access; Identifies and highlights extraordinary individuals who are reaching marginalized communities and support their efforts towards greater impact; Showcases creative approaches from diverse members of our global community; Inspires others to take innovative and creative approaches to implementing and disseminating Tai Chi Easy™ and other evidence-based wellness practices.

We welcome applications from individuals who meet all of the following eligibility criteria:

  • Currently certified as Healer Within or Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leaders,
  • Leading (or will lead) practice groups, predominantly from underserved communities,
  • Awardees must agree to all program requirements as follows:
    • Commit to a full year of leading practice 
    • Provide a brief, written progress update after six months
    • Agree to share Fellow experience through HWF publications and events, such
      as the HWF Newsletter and 5th Saturday program

If you meet the above criteria, we encourage you to complete and submit the Application Form. Applications for 2022 will be accepted through October 15, 2022. 

Join Daisy Lee For Advanced Qigong Via Shift Network

Discover the ancient wisdom of Wuji Hundun Qigong  - one of the “secret” lineages that is only now being taught online in the West. 

Used by practitioners and healers for over 800 years (and once used to treat and heal the Chinese Royal Family), it features 18 movements specifically designed to help you find, restore, and maintain your balance in the midst of turbulence - both within and outside yourself.

With its beautiful, vitality-boosting synchronicity between breath and movement, Wuji Hundun Qigong helps you nurture an embodied way of living amidst the unknown, with greater ease and resilience, and a fully engaged presence. 

Join us for a complimentary online event which you can watch at your convenience, with renowned Qigong teacher Daisy Lee, the founder of Radiant Lotus Qigong, and experience the healing power of Wuji Hundun Qigong for yourself.

You can register HERE for Advanced Qigong Practices to Stay Centered & Healthy Amid Life’s Chaos: Increase Your Wellbeing, Productivity & Optimism With the Ancient 18-Movement Wuji Hundun Qigong System and watch on demand at a time convenient for you! Enjoy!

5th Saturday Cloud Gathering: October 29th  

Please join us Saturday, October 29th at Noon PT/3:00pm ET for this special LIVE gathering taking place at the Healer Within Foundation Facebook Page. Do be sure to "Like" and "Follow" our  Facebook Page to receive notifications of this - and other - HWF Facebook Live events!  

In this free online event we will explore the symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease and the evidence-based research around lifestyle interventions that can help prevent and reverse symptoms of cognitive decline.    Alzheimer’s Disease is a threat to health and independent living and this class explores healthy living tips from the latest research for our brains and bodies.   We will also practice Vitality Enhancement Methods and Integral Qigong Practices designed to relieve stress and improve mental focus and clarity. Handouts will be included!

Prefer to access through Zoom? 

Add your name to our Cloud mailing list to receive Zoom information, handouts and links to replay videos for this and future 5th Saturday Gatherings! Sign up at:

HWF Gatherings on the Cloud will be available to access on the HWF Facebook page via Facebook Live (or register to receive Zoom link) and last for approximately 60-90 minutes. 

Be sure to mark your calendars now for the remaining 5th Saturday Gatherings in 2022:

October 29 - Understanding Alzheimer's Disease: Research, Prevention and Reversing Progression 
December 31 - The Amazing Health Benefits of Sleep and Nature

Gatherings on the Cloud begin at noon PST/3:00 pm EST and last for approximately 90 minutes. 

So, If you haven't already, please sign up now to RSVP for this special series of Zoom/Facebook Live meetings to make friends, get support, and stay in touch with others who lead practice and care about health and wellness! 

Already registered? Great! Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the cloud.

Online Tai Chi Easy Practice Leader Training 

HWF Pledge Drive Coming In October! 

The HWF vision: A world of self-healing, wellness and vitality. We invite you to join us in this vision as a member of the Vitality Circle. Please watch your email over the coming weeks for details on our fall pledge drive. The pledge drive will be held the entire month of October, and those who choose to make monthly pledges of $25, $50 or $75+, will receive special gifts of thanks such as the exclusive Vitality Circle Member tee shown below.

Your pledge supports Qigong/Tai Chi and other self-care wellness events, community and virtual practice groups, the HWF Fellowship Program, and future HWF sustainability. We encourage you to consider pledging during the month of October, and becoming an important part of the Healer Within Foundation vision. Thank you!

Have A Wellness Program You Would Like To Share?

Have you authored or do you lead an educational self-care and/or wellness course? Offer a unique presentation or class related to Tai Chi, Qigong or other body-mind-spirit practices? Maybe you are in development of such a curriculum and are seeking a partner to help get your course in front of potential students? If so, the HWF Programs Team is currently calling for Educational Program Proposals and would like to hear from you!

Proposals are accepted on a continuous basis. Proposals submitted by the 15th of each month, will be reviewed by the end of that month.

The Healer Within Foundation MissionHealer Within Foundation advances Qigong/Tai Chi and other self-healing, body/ mind/spirit practices, through collaboration with individuals, and organizations to sponsor trainings, community practice groups and research.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, HWF strives to produce accessible, engaging and effective educational content which may assist individuals in achieving improved health and well-being.

HWF Educational Program Goals:

  • Dissemination of effective Self-Care and Wellness Programs/Presentations
  • Alignment with HWF Mission
  • Identified Audience/Need (e.g. children's health, general health & wellness, chronic pain, substance abuse, etc.)
  • Competitively-priced offerings of high quality with feasible implementation cost

Access the Program Proposal Form at:

The HWF Programs Team welcomes your application submission and look forward to reviewing your program offering SOON!

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Did you know that ALL HWF apparel designs are available on demand? This means you can order any shirt...anytime! Several styles and colors available for each design. 

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