A Tool Kit Providing You Everything You Need to get Started as a Community Practice Group Leader

You became a Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leader and now you're ready to start leading your own Community Practice Group (CPG), but you don't even know where to begin. Sound familiar? Don't worry, we took all steps to make your transition as a Community Practice Group (CPG) Leader EASY.

With the help of seasoned Community Practice Group Leaders and Senior Trainers, we've developed a CPG Tool Kit that is designed to help you check all the boxes of what you actually need to do to mark your practice group as successful as you like.

This Kit includes:

  • Class Flyer and Class Advertising Templates
  • Business Card Template
  • CPG Listing on Healer Within Foundation Website
  • Invite a Friend to CPG
  • Sign-in with Liability Waiver
  • Contact and Liability Waiver
  • Personal Liability Insurance
  • Letter to Potential Venues
  • Support Sustainability of Healer Within Foundation
  • Link to order HWF Four Baskets of Qigong Practice Cards and Apparel
  • Class Planner sheet and Summary of Practices 
  • Media Release form

AND MORE. Once purchased, you will have lifetime access to the file(s), which are all editable.

The cost of the Tool Kit is a one time fee of $30, which you can purchase by clicking the link below. Once purchased, you will receive an email with the Tool Kit and the links to each page, so that you may edit it to match your specific group details.

Thank you for sharing this profound work with those in your community and helping to be part of our mission of training thousands to improve the health of millions.

**You must how Microsoft 360 to edit the Tool Kit to your needs**

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