The Art of Tai Chi Flow Workshop

Are you drawn to Tai Chi or other Mind-Body practices?

Many find their initial experience of these practices truly  transformative  and  inspiring.  From  your  initial experience, you may have eagerly sought out classes - but then something happened - and you found yourself losing interest. You may have felt those new classes were just too confusing, caused you stress or conversely, you found them boring and lacking in any meaningful challenge. Often when Tai Chi is discussed it is in the context of how practicing can support extraordinary health and wellness benefits. The multitude of health benefits are a cause for celebration, but there is more, or perhaps it can be said there is a different perspective of why you would want to practice. 

The “more” could be how you find a way to access the flow state in your Tai Chi practice.  When in the flow you are totally engaged in what is happening. You are deeply immersed in the present moment experience. Without seeking and much to your delight, you find yourself experiencing happiness and joy. This workshop is for everyone who, having started to practice Tai Chi or other mind-body practices, are asking themselves how they might continue to grow and deepen the experience of flow. 

Join Institute of Integral Qigong & Tai Chi (IIQTC) Senior Trainer, David Lehman, as you learn to develop and experience your own Tai Chi flow path. 
David (pictured below) has spent a lifetime (so you do not have to) passionately exploring Tai Chi as both a martial art and a profound moving meditation and healing practice. This in person workshop will be conducted over the course of 7 hours to allow your own powerful experiences of flow to emerge. The heart of the program is understanding how to practice and stay in Tai Chi flow. Upon completion of the workshop you will have learned to:

      • Experience flow while practicing Tai Chi
      • Understand how to cultivate the flow experience through Tai Chi for a lifetime

The Art of Tai Chi Flow Workshop

November 18th, 2023 11-6PM


Center for Wellness & Integrative Medicine


Harborview Shopping Center


1500 Old Northern Blvd,


 Roslyn NY, 11576 (Put Besto, Roslyn in GPS)


Second floor  516-858-3095


Cost $129  Northwell employees: $99


(Please email [email protected] for promo code) 

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The Art of Tai Chi Flow