Letter From the President

Dear Healer Within Foundation Family,

After successfully managing to navigate the difficult COVID 19 years, the Healer Within Foundation is laser focused on moving our mission forward. There truly is no better time than right now to expand our reach. COVID 19 has shown us the importance of health and wellness and accessing the healer within through preventive self-care. After all, self-care IS health care!

Our mission of “training 1000’s to improve the health of millions” has been only partially realized. We are ready to amplify this mission by getting this work into the lives of everyone, young and old, sick and healthy. Toward that end, I would like to share with you the exciting direction the Healer Within Foundation is taking in the coming months and beyond.

This year we will be training hundreds interested in becoming practice group leaders in Tai Chi Easy™. The training will be offered Tuition Free and online to those who qualify. These new practice leaders will then be able to take this work into their own communities, thereby impacting many more lives.

In order to achieve this noteworthy goal, WE NEED YOUR HELP.

Now more than ever, your support of the Healer Within Foundation is greatly needed. Whether that’s by investing in wellness programs, engaging with us on social media, sharing our mission with your friends & family, contributing donations, volunteering or joining our Board as we move the mission forward. We quite literally cannot achieve this without you!

For those of you who have been impacted by Qigong and Tai Chi practices, or who are dedicated to helping others grow and heal mind, body, and spirit, consider this a call to action. A call to be part of something BIG. A call to lead a movement. A call to get this work into the lives of more people, forever changing the way our society moves, thinks, and feels. This is our invitation to YOU to jump in and support HWF as we help all people access the powerful healer within.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of the change our world so desperately needs! Stay tuned for updated information or if you’re really excited and can’t wait to get involved, send us an email and share in the excitement.

Sending healing Qi your way,

Diane Ramftl


Healer Within Foundation