A Transformative 5 Day Tai Chi & Qigong Skillset Elevation & Fundraiser 

The Energy Enhancer 

All proceeds will directly go towards our mission of training hundreds of Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leaders for FREE

From the wisdom of those dedicating their lives to body, mind, spirit practices as Senior Trainers, The Energy Enhancer — A 5 Day Tai Chi and Qigong Skillset Elevation and Fundraiser — offers you a chance at internal alchemy through deepening and elevating your own daily practice and enhancing the connection to your body, mind, and spirit.

This five day transformative program is led by five Senior Trainers, Brian Trzaskos, Vince Sauter, David Lehman, Sharon Infante and Bina Bou. This offering is intended to dive deep into five Tai Chi and Qigong Practices, focusing on one theme each day to equip you with a deeper understanding of the practice itself, enhanced practices to pull from in your own teachings/practice and the ability to learn from those who have mastered elevated practices. 

This program will take place May 21st - 25th at 7 PM EST. All sessions will be recorded and will be e-mailed out at the end of our time together. You will also be given lifetime access to each recording. Each session will be approximately forty-five minutes to an hour, with both practical, tangible knowledge and Qigong practices. This program provides you the chance to learn these life changing, fundamental practices to access more wellness and vitality in your body, mind and spirit.

In this five day, program you will elevate and enhance your practice daily with:

☯️Enhancing Sensory Intelligence It’s no secret to people who practice Qigong and Tai Chi that the body is filled with intelligence.  What is fascinating is how we might go about becoming more aware of and even decoding that intelligence.  How does our sensory system interface with our thoughts, words, and actions?  In this hour together, we will learn about the body’s sensory system, explore Qigong practices to heighten sensory awareness, and engage a series of questions to pull forward the body’s hidden intelligence.  

☯️4 Energies of Tai ChiDiscover the first 4 of the 8 energies of Tai Chi, Peng, Lu, Ji and An. We will also explore how these same principals can be applied to Qi Gong to allow you to use the healer within to improve your health, reduce stress and find more focus in your life. By the end of this workshop you will have learned a short practical Tai Chi form that is perfect for the practitioner who wants to expand on what they know and enhance their experience with moving meditation. 

☯️Tai Chi Flow- Accessing the Flow state in your Tai Chi practice will bring you into a deeper presence and connection with your mind body and spirit. When in the Flow you are totally engaged in what is happening. You are deeply immersed in the present moment experience. Without seeking and much to your delight, you find yourself experiencing happiness and joy. In this session, we will be learning the road map to deepen your connection to your own Flow state, learning to access it every time your practice.

☯️The Art of Silk Reeling- Silk Reeling Qigong, Chan Si Jin (pulling silk) Chen style tai chi also referenced as cocoon includes, twisting, swirls, coiling and spiraling forces through body movement at the center of the Dantian. A complete body practice to develop strength, internal energy, coordination, flexibility, body awareness, relaxation and grounding. Through the gentle movements of spirals and swirls it allows us to flow like water, be fluid and free. Unraveling internal tensions within through external movements is a foundational practice for warmups to strengthen our health and support our tai chi and qigong practices. Movements allow for mobilizing tendons, joints, ligaments and supporting Qi to circulate through the body.

☯️The Nine Energy Gates- The Nine gates are major joints that support the entire human body system with Ancient Chinese healing modality.  As part of medical Qigong protocol, it finds its roots in gentle movements that allow energy flowing freely, and support tendons, connective tissues  and increase agility and flexibility. When any one gate in our body is congested, it may cause some discomfort or dis-ease.  Together, we'll go through some simple routines step-by-step, one joint, and one breath at a time. So simple, and yet powerful.  

The investment for this transformative Tai Chi and Qigong skillset elevation program and fundraiser is only $111.00.

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The Energy Enhancer

For those of you who have been impacted by Qigong and Tai Chi practices, or who are dedicated to helping others grow and heal the body, mind  and spirit, consider this a call to action. A call to be part of something BIG. A call to lead a movement. A call to get this work into the lives of more people, forever changing the way our society moves, thinks, and feels. This is our invitation to YOU to jump in and support HWF as we help all people access the powerful healer within.

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The Energy Enhancer
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