Our volunteer Board Members (Directors) serve 3-year terms with election of new Directors and Officers occuring in April of each year. If you would like more information on HWF Board membership, please email [email protected].

Board of Directors:

Michael Brown
Crownpoint, NM

Sharon Infante
Holbrook, NY

Diane Ramftl
Atlantic City, NJ

Nenad (Ned) Rava
New York, NY

Erin Reas
Dearborn, MI

Jill Robinson
Playa Vista, CA

Kory Ward-Cook, President

Irvine, CA

Theda Zawaiza, Secretary
Washington, DC

Edwin Zuchelkowski, Treasurer
Uniontown, PA

Emeritus Status:
Antoinette Horn
Westlake, OH

Roger Jahnke, Founder
Santa Barbara, CA

Rebecca McClean, Founder
Santa Barbara, CA

John Middlebrooks (Deceased)
Germantown, NY

Josefina Weaver
Sunnyvale, CA

Daniel Weicher
Katonah, NY

Christie Ward, Executive Director
Lincoln, NE

Kim Arneson, Communications Coordinator
Chicago, IL