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Debra Nielsen Tai Chi Easy Practice LeaderHWF Community Member Highlight of Debra Nielsen

Healer Within Foundation is about YOU! Our Qi community members. We aim to promote connection and support your efforts in disseminating Tai Chi Easy™ (TCE) and we hope to connect practice leaders and share your stories.

Many of our members are using social media to get the word out about Tai Chi Easy™ and Qigong. Debra's Instagram feed caught our attention with her username, "brighterdayswithqi", along with her informative and positive posts. Thank you, Debra, for sharing your time and ideas with us and filling us in on what you’ve got planned for your Tai Chi Easy™ and Qigong practice!

We recently had an opportunity to speak via phone. Below are some highlights of our conversation...

What are some things that you would like people to know about you? Debra states that in addition to leading Tai Chi Easy practice groups, she has a history in the corporate world with some well-known retailers and has been involved with yoga and Reiki practices. She also has Lupus, Psoriatic Arthritis, Hashimoto’s Disease and supports those causes whenever possible. Debra has a 10-year-old son, a husband, and a new Black Lab puppy. “I take Taekwondo with my son, we will be Black Belts soon! We are also into tennis. And if there is any additional energy left, I occasionally run some local 5K races.” 

How did you come to learn about Tai Chi Easy™? Debra was having joint pain last summer when she tried a TCE class offered near her home in NJ. She had always been active with yoga and other activities, but sometimes those other practices were not the right activity for her joint pain. After a month of taking the TCE class, she noticed an improvement in her joint pain. She started reading books from her instructor and in October of 2018, she attended the practice leader certification in Tempe, Arizona. 

Since then, Debra has brought TCE to a number of populations. She is currently working with Alzheimer's and Dementia residents of an assisted living community in New Jersey. She likes Tai Chi Easy™ because anyone can do it. Regardless of a participants physical ability, she is able to modify the practice for each person. Debra notes that the visualization portion of TCE is helpful in this population. She uses TCE and Qigong to promote brain stimulation and plans to add aroma therapy to this practice soon. She also works with private clients.

On the horizon, Debra plans to integrate Tai Chi Easy™ and Qigong in the local school, first for teachers and staff and then students. She feels that mindfulness is especially important in schools.

We noticed you on Instagram with your engaging pictures, posts and username. Where does the name brighterdayswithqi come from and how are you using social media to promote your Tai Chi Easy™ practice? In our conversation, Debra recalled that she was trying to think of a catchy name with her sister as they were driving. The song "Brighter Day" came on the radio and after listening to the lyrics, “everything fell into place”. Debra uses Instagram as her social media outlet of choice, "because it is a great tool to get inspiration" and share ideas. Feel free to reach out to her on Instagram.

Debra,we are thrilled and honored that you took the time to share with us and are so enthusiastically engaging people about the benefits of TCE and Qigong. You are a treasured member of our HWF Community! Hoping you continue to enjoy Brighter Days With Qi!

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