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Support Self-Care in Health Care

Imagine a nationwide transition to health self‐reliance with less dependence on the over-burdened public health care system.

  • According to research, 70% to 90% of all disease is preventable.
  • Research also proves that the most profound medicine is produced in the human body for FREE!
  • Individuals, families, communities and institutions can learn and implement the practices that Healer Within Foundation offers in very low-cost group-based settings.
  • Your donation helps support our educational offerings and Practice Leader trainings...bringing wellness to all!

Healer Within Foundation Mission
We envision a growing number of trained leaders who can help save the health care system billions of dollars of unnecessary treatment costs. Even more compelling, imagine average Americans being healthier, more productive, less stressed and inspired to be a part of the solution!

The opportunity is now to make this vision a reality. Millions of dollars in health care costs will be saved. Millions of citizens will be empowered. Your community will be stronger, more resilient, and healthier!

Make a difference today!

Please make your donation online or mail directly to:

The Healer Within Foundation
PO BOX 905
Hampshire, IL 60140