Become a Health Champion: Get Certified to Lead Tai Chi Easy™

As many of you know, our mission for the 2024 calendar year has GROWN exponentially. In 2024, we are committed to training 500 Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leaders who are ready to take this body of work and bring it to their communities, further promoting a vision of a world with more self-healing and vitality than ever before. Our goal is to train these individuals, online, over the course of 4 days, setting you up to lead and teach this practice in your own local communities. In order to ensure that we are training the best candidates for this program, we do ask that you please apply below by clicking the button.

 Our next FREE training will take place in Fall of 2024. Dates are TBD. Stay tuned

Applications are currently closed!

What to Expect

When You Train in Tai Chi Easy™

In our online, free training, you get a comprehensive training designed by master teachers and refined in the field by hardworking teachers and professionals. Your training package includes:

  1. Organized instruction – 25 hours of practical knowledge, practice, and how-to presented by seasoned trainers who teach and train in their communities. The multi-day training format helps you integrate and apply what you learn with both pre-recorded learning videos and live teaching.
  2. Learning Materials – A 119-page manual on the exercises, principles and philosophy so that you can dive deep and honor the deep roots of Tai Chi as you learn; valuable practice sessions and class video recordings.
  3. A way to design classes and presentations that is fun and engaging – Class planners and ideas for keeping the practices fresh.
  4. Friends and community– Joining a growing number of health champions from all walks of life.

Train with us

After completing the 25-hour program, graduates of Tai Chi Easy™ (Practice Leaders) are fully empowered to help spread the knowledge and practice in their community. As a Practice Leader, you get all tools you need to lead 30-60 minute practice sessions. The simple exercises  can be done by anyone whether standing, sitting or lying down, including the physically and mentally disabled or elderly.

Who Trains to be a
 Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leader?

People of all walks of life have enjoyed the Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leader training as a way to benefit their career or enhance their skillset. Counselors, teachers, nurses, physicians, health care professionals, yoga teachers, coaches, opera teachers and many more have received training over the many years Healer Within Foundation has been producing training events.

Informal reports from the field show that Tai Chi Easy Practice Leaders  work with diverse populations, and here are some examples:
  • Mental Health Patients
  • Elderly
  • Cancer Survivors
  • 12-Step Recovery Groups
  • Veterans Organizations
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Chronic Disease/Pain Patients
  • Special Needs Children
  • Physically Challenged
  • High-Risk Youth
  • HIV/AIDS Organizations
  • Incarcerated Individuals


 Tai Chi Easy™ Gives You
The Best of Tai Chi to Benefit Your Life


Bring the Training to Your Community

How would members of your community benefit from exposure to this powerful yet simple self-healing practice? Are there other community health advocates in your area interested in this easy and effective approach to foster wellness in their clients?

Find out by contacting us and we will discuss how to bring the training to your area.

Tai Chi Easy™ is Out in the Real World

"I hold Tai Chi Easy™ classes each morning at our health clinic. Participants have been enthusiastic and consistent in attending sessions. I am hopeful that students will bring their trainings out into the community of the Four Corners Area for the Navajo Nation. I also lead classes for our Elders to support their wellbeing with their chronic care needs."

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