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September, 2020

Life Lessons From A Tree

“Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.”
- Unknown

Autumn shows us, quite literally, what it is like to let go. We see the trees silently and peacefully shedding their leaves. There is a great lesson to be had if we take a moment to apply this natural phenomenon to our own lives. The extra time at home over the past few months has urged many to organize, de-clutter and simplify their surroundings...along with their lives. However, for some, letting go can be tough. 

As human beings, we do not let go of our “things” quite as easily as the autumn vegetation around us. We hold tight to our possessions. We can’t just let our “stuff” go. What if we need it someday? Whether what you are hanging onto are actual physical objects or something like emotional baggage…no matter. It can all hold you back!

Eastern philosophy believes our lack of letting go actually prevents us from evolving into our greater selves. It is the belief that, if we do not allow certain things to fall away, we end up carrying too heavy a load. We simply can’t move forward as the burden of holding on to these “things” becomes too great.

So, where to start? Begin with something small – something a bit easier – to let go of. Sit with the thought of what it would be like without “it” for a bit. Then, literally or figuratively - whatever the situation dictates - let it go. Don’t stop there. Continue to take active steps towards this lighter version of you. Move on to bigger items, knowing each time you release unneeded “things” in your life, you free yourself to evolve, change and truly develop. Refuse to let these “things” hold you back. Your future new growth depends on it!

Finally, do not be belabored by this letting go. Remember, the trees shed their leaves effortlessly. Learn from their example. Let go of these cumbersome "things" with the steadfast faith of the trees...confident in the belief that spring - and new blossoms - will indeed come again.

Be Well,
Your friends at the Healer Within Foundation

Welcome New Cleveland VA Practice Leaders

It has been quite some time since we have had the privilege of welcoming new Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leaders to the Healer Within community. Thanks to the dedication of Senior Trainers, Antoinette (Toni) Horn and Bob Wolfe, 10 new Practice Leaders were trained last month on the campus of the VA Northeast Ohio Healthcare System (VANOHS), in Cleveland, Ohio.

The new graduates are all VANOHS employees, working directly with Veterans through the VA Whole Health initiative. A few testimonials from the group:

"If the opportunity presents itself..TAKE THIS CLASS!! It will benefit you and
your community in so many ways!!"
(Eric, RN)

"Excellent class to help with quality of life. Smiled and laughed a lot in class.
Excited to practice with others and improve skills."
(Saiydah, LPN)

Thanks again to Toni and Bob for safely and successfully leading this training - and to VANOHS - for bringing the self-healing practices of Tai Chi Easy to their employees and patients!

Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leader Training: In Person & Online!

We are excited to announce our upcoming Practice Leader training opportunities, both in-person and online!

First, we are delighted to announce we have two in-person trainings which will take place next month:

  • Friday, October 09, 2020 - Sunday, October 11, 2020 in Columbus, OH.
  • Friday, October 23, 2020 - Sunday, October 25, 2020 in Roslyn, NY.
    Please note: This training is open to New York state residents only.

Space is limited to allow for adequate and comfortable distancing, so please click HERE to register today if you are interested in attending!

Also, we are very proud to announce, our pilot for online Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leader training will begin on September 26! Join trainers, Cynthia Maltenfort, Lorrie Formella and Kele Baker in this inaugural online training event.

Click HERE to learn more and to register as space is extremely limited and early bird pricing expires September 10!

Please check out our brand new Tai Chi Easy™ promotional video below. It is sure to inspire and we hope you will share it with your family, colleagues and friends!

Are YOU a HEALER? Order Your Masks & Shirts TODAY!

Due to overwhelming response, our HWF Self-Care is Health Care masks and tees are still available for purchase!

Our message of "Self-Care is Health Care" is offered on quality, cotton masks. Click HERE or on the image below to purchase.

For T-shirts, click HERE or on the (color: Purple Rush) image below to check out all the color choices and place your order. Thank you for your support!

 LIVE Practice Sampler Sessions

Our Live Practice Sampler Sessions will continue through (at least) September! So far, these online practice videos have been viewed thousands of times - and the reach continues to grow as they continue to be shared. 

A BIG thank you to our volunteer LIVE Sampler Session leaders. Because of you, we are reaching more people than ever with these powerful and healing, mind/body/spirit practices. 

Tuesday, September 8 4:00 PM Steven Michael Pague
Monday, September 14 10:00 AM Bill Stevens
Wednesday, September 16 2:00 PM Steven Michael Pague
Tuesday, September 22 3:00 PM Robin Brooks
Thursday, September 24 4:00 PM Linda Goulet
Monday, September 28 3:00 PM Jessica Kolbe
Wednesday, September 30 10:00 AM Bob Wolfe

Are you currently leading practice online and would like to lead a Sampler Session for HWF? Please contact Christie Ward for more information.

Sampler Sessions last approximately 30 minutes and all are welcome to attend. Be sure to "Like" and "Follow" the Healer Within Foundation Facebook Page to receive our Live Session notifications and to be able to watch along. Click HERE for a full schedule of HWF Live Practice Sampler Sessions.

Help Others Find You: List Your Virtual Practice Group

HWF has created a centralized list on our website of low ($10 or less per class) or no-cost online classes/practice groups, aka Virtual Practice Groups (VPG's). There are now over 20 leaders listing their VPG's on our site...and the list continues to grow!

A centralized list allows a greater audience for current online offerings and makes it easier for practice group participants to find online VPG opportunities! A directory of VPG's allows NEW connections to be formed. Experience new teachers and leaders and engage with more students and group members. Geography no longer matters, which means more people practicing and more wellness everywhere!

See the full list at our site: and check back often as new classes and groups are being added regularly!

Are you currently leading Tai Chi/Qigong practice online? To have your group/class included in the online Virtual Practice Group listing, please send the following information to [email protected]:

  • Teacher/Leader Name - Who is leading the VPG? Contact email address and telephone number?
  • Day and Time of VPG - Be sure to let us know your local time zone!
  • Access Information - How does someone join your group? Do you have a Zoom meeting ID or other access code to share? Should participants email or call you to request access?
  • Fee - Is there a cost to attend your sessions?
  • Additional Information - Does your VPG have a special focus such as Veterans, Senior Citizens, Parkinson's patients? Is the class open to all? Please let us know (30 words or less) and we will list these important details, too.

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