November, 2017

Much To Be Thankful For
While our November calendar reminds us to focus on thankfulness one day later this month, we at the Healer Within Foundation are going to start right now! We have amazing donors, board members, volunteer teams, trainers, trainees, leaders and group attendees all across the country…and around the world! Because of the dedication of these friends in qi, we see our mission and vision come to life. There are so many who deserve our thanks for their contributions!
So, as you look at this months newsletter, you may notice we’re doing quite a bit of thankingand celebrating. Things like:
  • Community Practice Group Celebration on November 15th
  • Spotlight on longtime HWF supporter, Daniel Weicher
  • Successful t-shirt campaign – You can still place an order
  • Welcoming over 30 new Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leaders
We’re also thankful for you, our newsletter readers. Your interest in our goal of training thousands to improve the health of millions keeps us energized. We’re happy to have you with us as we spread the word about qigong, Tai Chi Easy™ and other self-healing practices. We hope you will read on and join us as we say, “Thanks!”

Happy Birthday(s)! 
Healer Within Foundation Vice President, Toni Horn (L) celebrated her birthday October 30th. Our President, Josie Weaver (R) celebrates today, November 1st. Best wishes to them both with sincere appreciation for all they do!



Help Us Celebrate on November 15!
This year marks the 35th anniversary of Santa Barbara’s longest ongoing Qigong and Tai Chi Community Practice Group (CPG). This group began as an offering from Co-founder, Dr. Roger Jahnke’s, acupuncture clinic which he led personally during its early years. Click HERE for a special message from Dr. Jahnke regarding the Santa Barbara Community Practice Group Celebration.
For the past 24 years the group has been led, every week with very few exceptions, by Dennis Furuike. Healer Within Foundation has been proud to sponsor this amazing group for the past 15 years!

Community Practice Group Celebration
Open House
November 15, 2017
Noon to 3:00pm
Granada Theater, McCune Founder’s Room
1214 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA.

The beautiful Granada Theater in Santa Barbara will be the setting for this special celebration. We’ll offer light refreshments, a short program commemorating the success and longevity of the Santa Barbara CPG and we’ll invite a few guests to lead us in practice. Please RSVP if you plan to join us.
Come for all or part of the celebration! We hope to see you there!
Directions and parking information for the Granada Theater found HERE.
Stories Of Our Donors and Why They Give
Without the kindness shown through your past and continued donations, we wouldn’t be here. ALL our donors are important, and we feel each one is extraordinary. The high levels of generosity with time and talent, the generosity of making many monetary donations over the years, make us feel our donors are truly with us and united in our common purpose to help the world be whole, healthy and wise through simple yet powerful body-mind practices. We intend to honor donors by telling their stories each month in our newsletter.

Daniel Weicher, Board Member Emeritus of Healer Within Foundation

Donor Spotlight: Daniel Weicher
Daniel (Dan) Weicher served on the board of HWF for 8+ years, and has given generously to the foundation. He is a gifted healer and talented qigong teacher in New York. Most importantly, Dan strongly aligns with the dream of people being well through the practice of self care and self observation – key elements in qigong and Tai Chi Easy™ and other forms of mind-body practice.
Recently, we asked Dan a few questions related to his years of involvement with HWF.
Tell us how you first got involved in with Healer Within Foundation?
I first got involved after I had given Co-Founder, Dr. Roger Jahnke, a check in the amount of $15,000 payable to HWF during my level two training. Roger had quipped to the crowd about the possibility of receiving a donation for that amount, so indeed he is the one that manifested it. I don’t normally go around donating such sums of money but I did come out there with the idea as to donate something as far as my recollection goes.
Roger, Qigong and the entire process had made an indelible mark on me and it is my nature to give. Everybody is different. I had an enthusiasm, but of course I also wanted to impress him. I believe I did that by the look on his face when he got the check.
My donation and my subsequent donations were to show my appreciation first and foremost. They were not necessarily given to grow the organization (although I understand now, they did), they were to support the dream of a man who I have come to love as a brother, friend and teacher. I support his dream – the dream of people shifting their perspective, even just a little bit, and turning towards wholeness and health. Call it charity, call it appreciation. Call it volunteering, call it self-cultivation. It is important to learn how to give in order to show what value means in the currency of what the asker has provided.
What do you wish other people knew about the Foundation?
I want other people to know that the Foundation is a profound tool to do the undoable and the undefinable; To lead people to have a change of perception. This is the first thing. Realizing that we have been doing things in such a way as to perpetuate suffering is a mark of sanity.
What would you tell someone who was thinking about donating or volunteering time to HWF?
I think I’ve said it. But I’ll say it again in poetry:

Health is a spiritual commodity; Sharing enhances it.
Healing is not a thing to “have” but a phenomenon of mutuality.
Like electricity, health needs flow to manifest;
It is by sharing wellness that we remain well.
The giver’s gratitude is perceived as hope.
The commodity is health. The currency is hope.

Why do you continue to support HWF?
A sense of duty;
It is a pleasure;
I get the opportunity to pay back;
I keep the lights on for those yet to come
Learn more about Dan and his work on his website,


T-Shirt Sales a Huge Success!
Still Time to Order!

We’ve had so many requests for shirts, we are currently in our third printing! You now have until November 9th to place an order.
There are a few styles to choose from (hoodies, too!) and all shirts are available in either gray or white.
Shirts can be shipped to international destinations! Shipping costs vary based on your location, but you can help us start the self-healing conversation no matter where you are.

Place Your Order Here



Do You Lead A Practice Group?

The HWF Leadership Circle is an excellent opportunity to network with other committed CPG leaders while giving back the the foundation. Click the button below to download a .pdf with more information.

HWF Leadership Circle Information


Training Thousands: One (BIG) Class At A Time
This month, we welcome 32 new Practice Leaders, all certified in one practice leader training held in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. There were also 7 participants who attended the event as refresher students!
A (big as this class) thank you to the dedicated Doylestown team of trainers and assistants who made this event such a success:
Brian Trzaskos, Senior Trainer
Dr. Kalind Bakshi, Senior Trainer/Co-Lead
Bob Wolfe, Lead Assistant
Cyntiha Maltenfort, Assistant
Dr. Kinnari Bakshi, Volunteer Assistant
Click HERE for a full list of future TCEPL training dates and check back often as new training opportunities are being added regularly. Also, visit our Flickr page for more photos of these trainings and other HWF events.
Interested in putting together a Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leader Training event in your area? Contact Christie Ward or Toni Horn for more information.

List Your Community Practice Group
Do you know of a free or low-cost Tai Chi Easy™ Community Practice Group in your area? Help us spread the word! Click the button below to see our current list. Group not there? Contact Christie Ward with the meeting time and place along with contact information and we will get it added. The list is updated regularly, so be sure to check back often!


Giving Tuesday is November 28th
Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving (in the U.S.) and the widely recognized shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday kicks off the charitable season, when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving. We hope you will consider HWF when making your year-end charitable contributions. Thank you.