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June, 2022

Summer Solstice Greetings!

"Summertime is always the best of what might be." - Charles Bowden

If you reside in the Northern Hemisphere, the summer solstice arrived on June 21, offering what is usually referred to as the longest day of the year. Areas in this region of the world will see over 15 hours of daylight between sunrise and sunset. What to do with this precious, extra gift of light?

Perhaps you will take some time to honor the sun, participate in a midsummer celebration - complete with flower crown - or host a bonfire party as the sun finally sets. Whatever you do, take special note of the feeling of completeness summer brings. If autumn signifies an "end", winter, a great transition and spring, a new beginning. Summer then, must signify life in full bloom - robust, lush and mature...full potential fulfilled.

The Healer Within Foundation is also moving into a similar phase of maturity. Our mission lives and breathes through the works of our leadership, volunteers, trainers and Community Practice Leaders. We've seen amazing growth over the past few years as we've helped to increase the accessibility of self-care and self-healing practices. Yet, there is more to do to reach our full potential as we are, "Training thousands to improve the life of millions," and we need YOU to make it happen. 

There are many opportunities for individuals to help us further the HWF mission. Whether you serve as a volunteer committee member or board member, make a tax-deductible donation, recommend one of our training programs to a friend or family member, or simply like, follow and share our social media content (see article below), you can be a catalyst for body-mind-spirit health. Won't you join us? Please email us to find out more.

Thank you and have a healthy, happy, magical summer solstice!

Be well,
Your friends at the Healer Within Foundation

Tai Chi Easy Practice Leader Trainings: Three Formats!

Whether online, in-person or even in a *NEW* hybrid setting, there is another opportunity to earn or refresh your Practice Leader certification coming SOON! Spread the word to family, friends, your students...everyone! Head to the HWF Training Page for detailed information and registration link.

Join Daisy Lee For A Free Event On Shift Network

In the chaos of life, it can be incredibly challenging to find balance in your body when everything around you is in upheaval. As a result, our immune systems weaken and we become more vulnerable to illness and disease. Clearly, we need to change course if we wish to live a vibrant, healthy, and balanced life.

It’s our good fortune that there’s a natural way to bring your body back into balance, and more importantly, enable you to maintain it - with a self-care system that has survived the test of time. 

Daisy Lee, the founder of Radiant Lotus Qigong, will demonstrate a few of the 18 key movements used in the ancient healing modality of Wuji Hundun Qigong. These 18 movements are specifically designed for you to find, restore, and maintain your balance in the midst of outer turbulence.

Register HERE for Balancing Life’s Chaos With Qigong: 18 Ancient Wuji Hundun Movements for More Productivity, Greater Optimism & Better Health. In this transformational online Qigong event, you’ll:

  • Define chaos, not as a negative or positive, but simply as a reality that you can choose to respond to in a more positive way
  • Learn two Qigong movements - Si and Kun - to support lung strength and shoulder mobility 
  • Explore the history of the 800-year-old Wuji Hundun Qigong healing system 
  • Discover who Master Duan was and his tireless mission to bring Wuji Hundun to the West 
  • Experience a few of the core 18 movements of Wuji Hundun, including Sunrise and Sunset and why they are so important

Please join Daisy on the Shift Network for this insightful exploration into the art of Qigong to learn a time-tested modality that can enhance your health and wellbeing — so you can maintain equanimity and balance in the midst of any storm. You’ll explore the intriguing roots of Wuji Hundun, the powerful ancient Qigong healing practice that was almost eradicated during the cultural revolution in China.

RSVP at no cost HERE and watch on demand at a time convenient for you! Enjoy!

Empowered Relief Course Happening July 23

Join instructor Josie Weaver (pictured left), on Saturday, July 23 at Noon PT/3:00pm ET, for a powerful 2-hour LIVE interactive presentation focused on relief from chronic pain. Josie will feature Qigong breath and movement exercises rooted in the Empowered Relief™ pain skills course developed by Stanford University pain scientist, Dr. Beth Darnall.

Click HERE for an informative article entitled, Empowered Relief: Meeting the Needs of a Nation in Pain, written by Dr. Darnall and featured in Psychology Today.

If you are alive, you will at some point experience pain in your life. How you think and feel about pain will, in many ways, determine your pain experience. This presentation will explain why this is so and provide you tools to handle pain or support others in your life, who may be experiencing prolonged or chronic pain. 

Cost for this informative and empowering presentation is only $47. Course space fills quickly so please click HERE to register today!

Save The Dates: 2022 5th Saturday Gatherings

HWF Gatherings on the Cloud will be available to access on the HWF Facebook page via Facebook Live (or register to receive Zoom link) and last for approximately 60-90 minutes. 

Mark your calendars now for future 5th Saturday Gatherings in 2022:

July 30 - Understanding the Brain Disease of Addiction: The Importance of Qigong/Tai Chi Practices in the Recovery Process
October 29 - Understanding Alzheimer's Disease: Research, Prevention and Reversing Progression 
December 31 - The Amazing Health Benefits of Sleep and Nature

Gatherings on the Cloud begin at noon PST/3:00 pm EST and last for approximately 60-90 minutes. 

If you haven't already, please sign up now to RSVP for this special series of Zoom/Facebook Live meetings to make friends, get support, and stay in touch with others who lead practice and care about health and wellness! 

*Click HERE to register and remember, only those who are registered 5th Saturday Gathering participants may engage via Zoom, receive handouts and links to replay videos!

Already registered? Great! Thank you and we hope to see you on the cloud.

Order Your Four Baskets Practice Cards!

The HWF Sustainability Committee has created a wonderful practice tool entitled, Four Baskets: Qigong Practice Cards (shown right). Designed to enhance your practice, a suggested use for the deck is to choose 5 to 10 cards to help guide your practice routine. Cards include practices in breath, meditation, gentle movement and self-applied massage.

Currently, there are two ways to obtain the Four Basket Qigong Practice Cards:

First, you may order direct from our publisher HERE. The cards are $29.95 plus shipping charges and make wonderful gifts for students, friends, family, or are a special way to treat yourself!

You may also obtain the Practice Cards by making your $75+ donation HERE. As our special thanks to those who donate, you'll be sent a complimentary deck.

Either way, you will want to obtain your copy of this extremely helpful practice resource!  

TAKE 5 Teacher Certification Training: August 6th

Join Take 5 Developer, Sheila Palmquist E-RYT500, RCYT, RPYT, YACEP® 
(pictured above) on Saturday, August 6th at 9:ooam PT/Noon ET for this live, online course designed to help you confidently share the TAKE 5 methods and practices with youth! 

Certified TAKE 5 Teachers guide youth to:

• Learn techniques to self-regulate behavior and emotions 
• Develop peace and stillness in the midst of chaos
• Quiet the mind to become more receptive to learning
• Build self-awareness and self-responsibility
• Improve confidence and self-esteem
• Reduce anxiety, depression and anger

TAKE 5 is a research-based teacher certification program aimed at bringing yoga principles to pockets of society that need them most, such as schools and foster care systems. Acting on its mission “to address and manage behavior issues that lead to childhood obesity, stress, self-abuse, bullying, and violent behavior of all kinds,” the program is designed to be easy to learn and to complement any behavior modification systems already in place. 
The heart of the program is simple: teach kids to project, rather than suppress, their emotions, and teach them to express these emotions in healthy and efficient ways.

Cost for this 3-hour certification course is $89. 
Click HERE for more information or to register. 

 Watch, Click, Like, Share & Follow

Did you know you can help the mission of HWF just by following us - or sharing our content with your contacts - on several social media platforms?

Currently, HWF participates on six social media platforms! Please consider supporting us at one - or all - of the following. Click the links below to be taken directly to our content:

Join us as we spread the word about self-care, self-healing, and the powerful Healer Within of body-mind-spirit practices!

Submit Your Educational Program Proposal

Have you authored or do you lead an educational self-care and/or wellness course? Offer a unique presentation or class related to Tai Chi, Qigong or other body-mind-spirit practices? Maybe you are in development of such a curriculum and are seeking a partner to help get your course in front of potential students? If so, the HWF Programs Team is currently calling for Educational Program Proposals and would like to hear from you!

Proposals are accepted on a continuous basis. Proposals submitted by the 15th of each month, will be reviewed by the end of that month.

The Healer Within Foundation MissionHealer Within Foundation advances Qigong/Tai Chi and other self-healing, body/ mind/spirit practices, through collaboration with individuals, and organizations to sponsor trainings, community practice groups and research.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, HWF strives to produce accessible, engaging and effective educational content which may assist individuals in achieving improved health and well-being.

HWF Educational Program Goals:

  • Dissemination of effective Self-Care and Wellness Programs/Presentations
  • Alignment with HWF Mission
  • Identified Audience/Need (e.g. children's health, general health & wellness, chronic pain, substance abuse, etc.)
  • Competitively-priced offerings of high quality with feasible implementation cost

Access the Program Proposal Form at:

The HWF Programs Team welcomes your application submission and look forward to reviewing your program offering SOON!

ALL The Designs!

Did you know that ALL HWF apparel designs are available on demand? This means you can order any shirt...anytime! Several styles and colors available for each design. 

Click HERE to see ALL the HWF designs available through Bonfire and order yours TODAY!

Thank you for your support! Be well!