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January, 2018


Resolutions in a New Year

By now, your television, radio and social media outlets have inundated you with advertising relating to exercise, smoking cessation, diet plans and other cures for all that ails you. The beginning of a new year provides what feels like the perfect time to make positive changes for ourselves in all kinds of ways (a good thing). However, "getting healthy" - and the products which can assist you in that endeavor - is big business every New Years Day, and will continue to be focused on intently...for at least a week or two.

The Healer Within Foundation would also like to help you be healthy in the new year, but our methods are a bit different than what you'll see advertised elsewhere (you probably knew that already). First, we focus on getting/staying/being healthy all year, every year. In fact, you could say helping people be healthy is a huge part of our mission. Another difference is, we have no health-enhancing products to sell you. Instead, we wish to help you develop your own Healer Within, through the mind-body practice of Tai Chi and Qigong. Then, we'd like you to share your self-healing practices with others. We'd love to discuss with you how to organize a Tai Chi Easy™ Community Practice Group or Practice Leader training event in your area. Remember, our goal is to train thousands to improve the health of millions and YOU can help! A revolutionary resolution, indeed!

So please read on and enjoy, as there are no gimmicks, fads or quick fixes advertised in the newsletter below. Only information to help you cultivate your inner healer and network with others who are interested in doing the same. What a great way to start a new year!

Community Practice Group Match Grant Challenge a Success!

The Bartlett Family Foundation generously matched $5,000 in donations made to the Healer Within Foundation in December! Thank you to all who contributed and helped us reach our goal!

Monies raised will benefit Practice Leaders in forming community practice groups and in joining the HWF Leadership Circle. This all leads to the growth of our national - and international - network of Community Practice Groups. These community groups are the foundation of a world of self-healing, wellness and vitality!

Even though the match grant challenge has ended, you can still click HERE to contribute towards the Healer Within Foundation mission and sustainability initiatives. Thank you!

5th Saturday Gathering Schedule for 2018

We are excited to announce the topics of our 2018, 5th Saturday Gathering on the Cloud series. Gatherings begin at noon PST/3:00 pm EST and last for approximately 90 minutes.

March 31, 2018 - Medical Qigong versus Therapeutic Qigong
June 30, 2018 - Scientific Research on Tai Chi Easy
September 29, 2018 - Emotional Health and the Practice of Qigong and Tai Chi
December 29, 2018 - Qi and Tea Ceremony: Renewal and Recommitment

If you haven't already, please sign up now to RSVP for this special series of Zoom* meetings to make friends, get support, and stay in touch with others who lead practice and care about health and wellness! Space is limited so secure your spot on the cloud today!

*access by computer with video or by phone

Baby it's COLD Outside! Hoodies On Sale through January 7th!

We've just launched new campaigns at which will end on January 7th. In honor of the extremely cold weather across most of the country, hoodies are now on sale for just $35 each!

Campaigns must have at least 11 shirts ordered to print, so please place your order today!

Shirts can be shipped to international destinations. Shipping costs vary based on your location, but you can help us start the self-healing conversation no matter where you are!

For White and Gray apparel, click HERE. For Black merchandise, click HERE.


 Healer Within on Facebook and Flickr

We would like to welcome you to join and follow the Healer Within Foundation Facebook and Flickr pages. Find our Facebook page at: Our Flickr albums can be found at:

Donor Spotlight: Anonymous

Our donor spotlight this month comes from a different perspective than we have shared with you in the past, as this donor wishes to remain anonymous. While we cannot reveal the name of this particular donor, we can share some of their words and a bit of their story. We are also delighted (and humbled) to report that over the course of the last two months of 2017, this donor made contributions to the Healer Within Foundation totaling over $10,000! While their answers to the following questions were succinct, they are a delightful look inside this donors motivation to give.

How did you first learn about Healer Within Foundation? I first learned of the Foundation at Level One training.

What shapes your giving? Feeling very good about the focus of an institution. If it speaks to me personally, and has a big picture that looks like something positive.

What are your top 3 giving “priorities”? 1: Basic idea and goals 2:Does it look organized enough to get results? 3: Does it seem like there is potential of sustainability down the road without my contribution? Although that last one is really useful, it's never a deal breaker.

What might readers be interested to learn about you? Do you have a healing story? Working on my own healing story like every one else, I suppose. Trying to be 'in the world and of the world' in a way the doesn't make things worse. I guess the experience of being fortunate enough to plunk down a chunk of change, where it might help 'move the needle' in a better direction, has its moment of satisfaction.

What do you wish others knew about the Healer Within Foundation?
First off, the more people know about it's existence at all is a good place to start. Helping to spread the word at this point. 

The Healer Within Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

2018 Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leader Trainings

We are excited to report there are already 11 Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leader training events scheduled, with several more currently in the approval process! Click HERE for a full list of TCEPL training dates and check back often as new training opportunities are being added regularly.

Interested in organizing a Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leader Training event in your area? Contact Christie Ward for more information.

Gongfu Tea Ceremony

 At our most recent 5th Saturday Gathering on the cloud, participants took part in a Gongfu Tea Ceremony led by HWF President, Josie Weaver. Josie has written an interesting and informative article on the ceremony - including some history and how-to's - which you may access HERE. Enjoy!


New Website Login Instructions - Please Read!

We'd like to invite you to explore the new Healer Within Foundation website! We continue to add new content, most recently launching the HWF Blog, which we hope you will read and add your comments to.

This website will help with the work of keeping our community members connected. With social networking support, simple tools for staying in touch, space for sharing documents and photos and resources to support our work teams, we can use it to help grow our Foundation and highlight the great work being done.

To login, you will first need to set up your password. Click here to update your Password. Once updated, you can login here, using your Username -  - and new Password.

While you are logged in, please complete your profile (it is searchable to help other HWF community members find you)! Logging in allows you to make a donation securely, see our community member-only content and to sign up for events such as the Gathering in the Cloud meetings.

We’re excited! We hope you will be, too!