Spirit of the Organs: Organ Meridians

Spirit of the Organs
Science and Soul Behind Energize Organs and Meridians QiGong
by Dr. Gayl Hubatch, OMD, LAc

What if you had a direct communication with your internal organs? You could empower yourself through knowing that the body does talk while building an awareness of how to interpret its messages. Wow!

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) describes an essence, a spirit or soul of each of the main yin organ systems. The heart is considered the master or monarch of all the organ systems. In the meridian system, the heart also includes the circulatory system the blood vessels.      

“Shen resides in the heart” is a common statement in both acupuncture and qigong practices. Shen refers to spirit, consciousness. The heart stores the spirit which is circulated in the blood. I love this phrasing because it gives an aliveness to the heart and blood system beyond just being a pump and vessels with liquid that feeds the tissues. This quality of aliveness is what we can build with qigong practice. Breath awareness with intentional movements awakens the spirit which can bring us deeper into the mysteries of life. A person that practices energy exercises like qigong, tends to have a lightness about them. This is due to qigong breath and movement practices opening subtle pathways by connecting the three regulations (Jahnke, 2010). It is more than just increasing blood circulation, although qigong does this too, qigong also builds self-knowledge. Interoception is the collection of senses understanding the internal state of the body. (Wikipedia, 2023)

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