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February, 2018


Sending Our Love

In mid-November several of us from the Healer Within Foundation Board, along with IIQTC Level 2 training participants and many members of the Santa Barbara Community Practice Group, gathered together to joyfully celebrate 35 years of Community Practice. We filled the historic Granada Theater in beautiful downtown Santa Barbara with intoxicating levels of happy Qi. We learned from each other and found tranquility on the peaceful campus of La Casa de Maria in the hills above Monticeto. And, some of us lucky souls were greeted by playful pods of dolphins as we walked along the "Safest Beach in America" in lovely little Carpinteria. 

Soon after our celebratory visit, the Thomas fires began and raged for over a month spreading fire and ash and panic throughout the entire area. Then, just as the fires were finally being contained it rained...heavily. This abundant rain, so very needed and prayed for over the past few drought-stricken years, created deadly mudslides which destroyed everything and anything in their path.

Santa Barbara has special meaning to our organization as it's our home base - in fact, it's where the HWF was born. Our co-founders still reside in this area and we have many, many supporters and friends in this charming piece of California. This terror and destruction felt close...personal...even to those of us a thousand or more miles away. We prayed, we practiced, we sent aid and gathered Qi for all those affected... READ MORE 

Want to Assist at a Tai Chi Easy™ Training?

Trainers, Teachers and Practice Leaders, did you know you can assist at most every Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leader training event? Yes, you can!

Simply send an email to HWF and let us know which training you are interested in. Then, submit your Event Assisting Inquiry Form to the Trainer Qualification Team (TQT). Contact TQT at [email protected]. TQT  will then be in touch with your events' Senior Trainer to share your interest.

Click HERE to see a list of current Tai Chi Easy Practice Leader trainings.

Join Us

5th Saturday Gatherings begin at noon PST/3:00 pm EST and last for approximately 90 minutes.

March 31, 2018 - Medical Qigong versus Therapeutic Qigong
June 30, 2018 - Scientific Research on Tai Chi Easy
September 29, 2018 - Emotional Health and the Practice of Qigong and Tai Chi
December 29, 2018 - Qi and Tea Ceremony: Renewal and Recommittment

If you haven't already, please sign up now to RSVP for this special series of Zoom* meetings to make friends, get support, and stay in touch with others who lead practice and care about health and wellness! Space is limited so secure your spot on the cloud today!

*access by computer with video or by phone

Donor Spotlight: Amy Dahan

This month, we'd like to highlight the donation of time - in the form of volunteerism - and one of our very special volunteers, Amy Dahan. When Amy isn't off being a busy REALTOR® or leading a class or community practice group, she can be found volunteering for the Healer Within Foundation. She has served for several years on the Sustainability Work Team which concentrates on fundraising efforts as well as donor relations. Amy began practicing Tai Chi and Qigong in 1997 and began teaching in 2003. She is certified by the Institute of Integral Tai Chi and Qigong and continues her personal studies with the Internal Arts Institute in Stuart, Florida.

Recently, we had the opportunity to ask Amy about her commitment to HWF:

How did you first get involved with HWF?  The 200 hour IIQTC training was life-changing for me, and I wanted to get involved with the creators and the mission.  

What has surprised you most about volunteering with HWF? I guess I'm old fashioned, but the fact that all the meetings take place by conference call or online was new for me! The tenacity of the Board is truly impressive as I've witnessed them develop and implement a strategic plan to further the HWF mission. Toni Horn and Josie Weaver [Healer Within Foundation Board Vice President and President] are simply amazing. I've learned so much from them.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about volunteering or donating to HWF?  If the Healer Within has been important to you, you are very important to the Healer Within Foundation!  There are many ways you can get involved as a volunteer, or event host. If you can donate dollars, you will support the growth of the Foundation and its mission. The Leadership Circle is a lovely way to give back.

What do you think will change about HWF over the next five years?  I once heard Roger Jahnke say that he hopes to see a Tai Chi studio on every corner, the way we see Yoga studios now.  In the past two years, the Foundation has solidified its process and I think we are going to witness an exponential explosion of Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leaders being trained. Roger's hopes will become a reality.  

What might readers be surprised to know about you?  I began practicing Tai Chi in 1997, but bad knees caused me to switch my practice to 100% Qigong by 2004. Learning Tai Chi Easy™ in 2015 was like finding a long-lost friend.  The Healer Within and Integral methods strengthened my legs and my understanding, and enabled me to resume more rigorous styles of Tai Chi.

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Organize A Tai Chi Easy™ Training Event

There are already nearly 20 Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leader training events scheduled for 2018, with several more currently in the approval process!

If you are Interested in organizing a Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leader Training event in your area, Contact Christie Ward for more information and check out all the great information at the new Organize a Tai Chi Easy™ event web page. This new resource makes it even easier for YOU to plan a training event!

Click HERE for a full list of TCEPL training dates and check back often as new training opportunities are being added regularly.

New Blog Article -  Starting A Community Practice Group

Are you trying to establish a Community Practice Group in your area, but don't know where to begin. How do you secure a space, reach potential sponsors or grow your attendance? Check out the HWF Blog for some great information and join in the discussion!


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