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August, 2022

Summer Shift

August creates as she slumbers, replete and satisfied." -Joseph Wood Krutch

Many of us are currently focusing on organization and time management in our lives, as schools will soon go back in session and summer travel and frolics are coming to an end. The following are a few suggestions to make the transition a bit easier:

First, be intentional. Our brains are wired to function most effectively if we set goals. Write down goals for your health, your business, your spiritual life and all areas of life to help guide you in the direction of your objectives. The end of summer is a great time to start, block some time and set goals for the rest of the year!

Then, calendar everything. Whether you are scheduling meal plans, organizing kids' busy schedules or time for exercise, use a calendar both as a reminder system and a time management tool. We are more likely to keep appointments with ourselves, so scheduling helps keep us on track.

Also, look ahead at least a week in advance. Just a bit of forward thinking means we are less likely to live with a sense of constant urgency. Make a commitment to assess your long-term goals regularly, too. Be sure to ask yourself often if your goals and activities align with your personal values and sense of lifework or calling.

Finally, although not an organizational tip, this skill can be a difference maker when practiced regularly. Let one of  your goals be to focus on gratitude. A good time to do it is before you get out of bed in the morning, which is a great time to identify three things you are grateful for. Then, follow up with identifying three things you are grateful for at night just before bed. Nothing beats an attitude of gratitude...even on our busiest days!

A little planning can help set the course for your best life. Set goals, be intentional, be grateful. Begin today!

Be well,
Your friends at the Healer Within Foundation

Save The Dates: 5th Saturday Gatherings

Be sure to mark your calendars now for future 5th Saturday Gatherings in 2022:

October 29 - Understanding Alzheimer's Disease: Research, Prevention and Reversing Progression 
December 31 - The Amazing Health Benefits of Sleep and Nature

Gatherings on the Cloud begin at noon PST/3:00 pm EST and last for approximately 60-90 minutes. 

So, If you haven't already, please sign up now to RSVP for this special series of Zoom/Facebook Live meetings to make friends, get support, and stay in touch with others who lead practice and care about health and wellness! 

Already registered? Great! Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the cloud.

CELEBRATING The Samadhi Recovery Community Training

We are so very proud to share the story of HWF's first ever gifted Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leader training, provided absolutely free of charge, for an at-need population. This special training was held June 24-26, 2022 at the Samadhi Recovery Community Outreach Center located in Kingston, NY. 

The Samadhi Recovery Community Outreach Center  is a non-profit organization grounded in the belief that, "Mindfulness based principles and practices create a strong foundation for a path to freedom from addiction." Samadhi offers their addiction recovery programs free to anyone in the Kingston, NY. area, creating a much needed safe space for at-risk and socially isolated populations. They offer mindfulness based training, meditation, art therapy, trauma informed yoga, individual and group talk sessions, dance and movement classes, holistic based treatments and more. 

HWF learned of Samadhi - and their need for a Practice Leader training - through 2021 HWF Practice Leader Fellowship* winner, David Lehman (pictured above, far right). "Dave" (as he's known in HWF circles) knew immediately upon being awarded his Fellowship, that he wanted to pay it forward into a no-cost training for Samadhi. *More information on the HWF Practice Leader Fellowship Program appears below.

Dave has been volunteering his time leading Tai Chi classes for a number of years on the Samadhi campus. He spoke of Samadhi's Certified Recovery Peer Advocates (CRPA's), and how training them as Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leaders could positively impact hundreds of individuals the CRPA's work to support. The HWF Board quickly got behind Dave's vision and began to plan!

Dave and Co-Leader Theda Zawazia (shown below, front right), donated their time to provide the 25-hour training to eight Samadhi CRPA's. The training team and attendees were supported by Assistant, Charlessa Thatcher (shown above, front left), with HWF contributing additional training-related costs and providing administrative assistance to all involved. 

The Samadhi training is an example of the HWF Vision, "A world of self-healing, wellness and vitality," come to life! Sharing self-care practices, such as Tai Chi Easy™, at a community level has a profound ripple effect. As one CRPA trainee commented, "This training was an AWESOME experience and I cannot wait to share Tai Chi Easy™ with the Samadhi community!" 

HWF hopes to offer no-cost trainings like this one in the future. If you would like to help, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to HWF. Click HERE to make your one-time or recurring contribution, today! 

Finally, a deep bow of appreciation to David, Theda, Charlessa and all those who devote themselves to helping the Samadhi Recovery Community Outreach Center. Thank you for allowing HWF to support you!

HWF Practice Leader Fellowship Program

Our Fellowship Program seeks to identify and support remarkable individuals who cultivate practice groups with people and in traditionally underserved communities  to increase the availability of self-healing for all people.

The HWF Practice Leader Fellowship Program: 
Solicits applications from qualified individuals to lead Healer Within and/or Tai Chi Easy™ practice groups in locations which might otherwise not be able to support such groups dues to lack of access; Identifies and highlights extraordinary individuals who are reaching marginalized communities and support their efforts towards greater impact; Showcases creative approaches from diverse members of our global community; Inspires others to take innovative and creative approaches to implementing and disseminating Tai Chi Easy™ and other evidence-based wellness practices.

We welcome applications from individuals who meet all of the following eligibility criteria:

  • Currently certified as Healer Within or Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leaders,
  • Leading (or will lead) practice groups, predominantly from underserved communities,
  • Awardees must agree to all program requirements as follows:
    • Commit to a full year of leading practice 
    • Provide a brief, written progress update after six months
    • Agree to share Fellow experience through HWF publications and events, such
      as the HWF Newsletter and 5th Saturday program

If you meet the above criteria, we encourage you to complete and submit the Application Form. Applications for 2022 will be accepted August 1 through September 30, 2022. 

Join Robert Peng For A Free Event On Shift Network

Aging with grace requires us to let go of the limitations that society, culture, family, and others all too often ascribe to getting older, and instead embrace the very real option of living a joyously unlimited, self-defined life of vitality.

Qigong master Robert Peng is also a master at helping people age boldly and gracefully, while enjoying radiant health every day on their journey to greater longevity.

In this course, you will experience how Yin and Yang Qigong empowers you to connect with your 12 meridians, or energy pathways, so you can cultivate a deep connection with your emotional and mental bodies - finding peace and harmony within yourself, and with the world around you. You'll also learn:

  • Robert’s guided Triple Energizer exercise - a chant accompanied by both sound and imagery - to circulate the energy of your 3 centers (or dantians)
  • How understanding the way th6 natural pairs of Yin and Yang meridians connect to the earth’s elements empowers you to cultivate your healing potential as you organize your own energy pattern using universal laws
  • How to empower and balance your body and mind by embracing the opposite emotions associated with Yin and Yang energy

Register at no cost HERE and watch on demand at a time convenient for you! Enjoy!

Qigong Of The Animals Course Happening August 29th 

Join Instructor, Jill Robinson (pictured left), on Monday, August 29th beginning at 5pm PT/8pm ET, to learn this practice inspired by our animal friends!

The Qigong of the Animals draws on qigong animal forms, combining these movements with breathing, posture awareness, and visualization to shift the nervous system from the fight, flight, or freeze response to the relaxation and rejuvenation response. The program draws on current research and writing in the fields of neuropsychology as well as somatic therapy.

This two-hour program guides attendees through practices which seek to improve tension, mobility, flexibility, agility, balance, and joyfulness. 

Click HERE for more information or to register.

Enhance Your Daily Practice: Four Baskets Qigong Practice Cards 

The HWF Sustainability Committee has created a wonderful practice tool entitled, Four Baskets: Qigong Practice Cards (shown right). Designed to enhance your practice, a suggested use for the deck is to choose 5 to 10 cards to help guide your practice routine. Cards include practices in breath, meditation, gentle movement and self-applied massage.

Currently, there are two ways to obtain the Four Basket Qigong Practice Cards:

First, you may order direct from our publisher HERE. The cards are $29.95 plus shipping charges and make wonderful gifts for students, friends, family, or are a special way to treat yourself!

You may also obtain the Practice Cards by making your $75+ donation HERE. As our special thanks to those who donate, you'll be sent a complimentary deck.

Either way, you will want to obtain your copy of this extremely helpful practice resource!  

Welcome New Tai Chi Easy Practice Leaders

What FUN they had in Westlake, Ohio! As always, sincere thanks to the training team for making this event possible. See other awesome videos and photos of the Westlake training HERE.

Have A Wellness Program You Would Like To Share?

Have you authored or do you lead an educational self-care and/or wellness course? Offer a unique presentation or class related to Tai Chi, Qigong or other body-mind-spirit practices? Maybe you are in development of such a curriculum and are seeking a partner to help get your course in front of potential students? If so, the HWF Programs Team is currently calling for Educational Program Proposals and would like to hear from you!

Proposals are accepted on a continuous basis. Proposals submitted by the 15th of each month, will be reviewed by the end of that month.

The Healer Within Foundation MissionHealer Within Foundation advances Qigong/Tai Chi and other self-healing, body/ mind/spirit practices, through collaboration with individuals, and organizations to sponsor trainings, community practice groups and research.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, HWF strives to produce accessible, engaging and effective educational content which may assist individuals in achieving improved health and well-being.

HWF Educational Program Goals:

  • Dissemination of effective Self-Care and Wellness Programs/Presentations
  • Alignment with HWF Mission
  • Identified Audience/Need (e.g. children's health, general health & wellness, chronic pain, substance abuse, etc.)
  • Competitively-priced offerings of high quality with feasible implementation cost

Access the Program Proposal Form at:

The HWF Programs Team welcomes your application submission and look forward to reviewing your program offering SOON!

ALL The Designs!

Did you know that ALL HWF apparel designs are available on demand? This means you can order any shirt...anytime! Several styles and colors available for each design. 

Click HERE to see ALL the HWF designs available through Bonfire and order yours TODAY!

Thank you for your support! Be well!