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August, 2020

Dwell In The Certainty

"August is like the Sunday of Summer."  - Unknown

We all are responding in some way to the Covid 19 Pandemic. Whether you believe people are overreacting or under reacting, it has your attention. For many, it creates a feeling of anxiety.

A primary cause for anxiety in this pandemic is the unknown. We watch the news about the number of cases and deaths - both in the US and abroad - and hear estimates of how we will fare. We see empty grocery shelves and hear about closings. We see the drops in the stock market and wonder about our economic future.

Our anxiety may intensify, it seems, by the fact the coronavirus is invisible. We might anticipate that the virus could be anywhere and on anything we touch. Who has the virus and who doesn’t? We can easily become suspicious of everything and everyone.

Yes, our world seems to have changed in the last few months. We feel different. We look at things differently. Everything feels a bit strange. The world may look as if it will never return to "normal." But it will.

In a time of uncertainty, we have to remind ourselves of those things of which we are certain. There are things which have changed greatly over the past few months, but there are many things which have not changed. There are things you don’t know, but there is still much that you do know.

  • Nature hasn’t changed. Look around you. Take time to notice the trees and the sky. Notice that birds still fly, squirrels still scamper and dogs still like to cuddle. The sun, moon and stars still rise and fall. The world still revolves from night to day.
  • Your friends and family haven’t changed. Focus your attention on the blessings of your loved ones. Even if you can’t physically connect with them, you can do so virtually. We’re fortunate to have social media, Face Time, Zoom and telephone to communicate with our tribe. Now is a great time to share your love and encouragement. It may be one of the enduring blessings of this crisis.
  • Your interests and hobbies haven’t changed. One positive side-effect of social distancing is many of us are forced to slow down. Take the time to pick up an old hobby you haven’t practiced in a while. Do whatever used to bring you joy. Or perhaps, just take the time to sit, ponder, or rest. You probably need it.

Yes, our world has changed in the last few months, but in many really good ways, it is just the same. We can only do so much to control the spread of the virus, but we can do much to control our response. When this is all done and behind us, perhaps we'll be able to say it made us better people.

Be well,
Your Friends at Healer Within Foundation

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Date Time (CT shown) Leader Name
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Wednesday, August 19 10:00 AM Bob Wolfe
Thursday, August 20 4:00 PM Sharon Infante
Saturday, August 29
2:00 PM Josie Weaver (5th Saturday)
Monday, August 31 3:00 PM Jessica Kolbe
Tuesday, September 1 3:00 PM Antoinette Horn

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Virtual Practice Group Listing

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See the full list at our site: and check back often as new classes and groups are being added regularly!

Are you currently leading Tai Chi/Qigong practice online? To have your group/class included in the online Virtual Practice Group listing, please send the following information to [email protected]:

  • Teacher/Leader Name - Who is leading the VPG? Contact email address and telephone number?
  • Day and Time of VPG - Be sure to let us know your local time zone!
  • Access Information - How does someone join your group? Do you have a Zoom meeting ID or other access code to share? Should participants email or call you to request access?
  • Fee - Is there a cost to attend your sessions?
  • Additional Information - Does your VPG have a special focus such as Veterans, Senior Citizens, Parkinson's patients? Is the class open to all? Please let us know (30 words or less) and we will list these important details, too.

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