Training thousands to improve the health of millions.

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August, 2018


Lifelong Learning

“All the world is my school and all humanity is my teacher.”
- George Whitman

August sees many of us preparing for "back to school" time. Some are preparing children or grandchildren as they begin their school years while others are packing someone up to head off to college. Teachers are enjoying their last few days of their summer breaks and non-traditional students ready for the demands of juggling work and school. It's a busy time, no doubt, but one that is always filled with an element of excitement.

It's important to recognize that we need not be in a formal educational setting to tap into those exhilarating feelings of a new phase in our learning journies. While structured, traditional forms of education are important, many benefits are derived when individuals stay motivated to learn well beyond academic learning and begin to embrace the concept of lifelong learning. These individuals prioritize time in their lives - at each stage of their lives - to focus on new concepts and ideas. They constantly strive to know, learn and do more.

The Healer Within Foundation wishes to help you on your journey of lifelong learning. Through our Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leader certification program, we teach individuals about the powerful benefits of self-care practices. These evidence-based methods are beneficial not only to the mind, but also to the body and spirit. They are easy to learn and easy to share. One trained practice leader can literally impact hundreds - perhaps even thousands - of individuals in their community. It's what we mean when we say we are, "Training thousands to improve the health of millions."

So, begin to challenge yourself today. Commit to expanding your mind, continue your "education" and become a student of life! Use the world as your classroom, and no matter how big or small, always come away with a lesson learned. Remember to cultivate your mind so it is prepared to expand and grow. Perhaps, most importantly, always be willing to share your ever-growing fountain of knowledge, including the benefits of Tai Chi Easy™, with others along the way. 

Be Well,
Your friends at the Healer Within Foundation

Tai Chi/Qigong Page Updates

A few weeks ago, the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) upated the information on their webpage devoted to Tai Chi and Qigong. The page now highlights a feature article, Tai Chi and Qi Gong: In Depth. This article contains helpful Information about the safety and effectiveness of tai chi and qigong for balance and stability, knee osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and other conditions.

The NCCIH page includes resources for consumers and health professionals, alike. You can access research articles, multimedia files and lnks to scientific literature sources including the NCCIH's own Clinical Digest. Check it out, today!

HWF Summer Fundraising Underway

We’re striving to advance the Tai Chi Easy™ Dissemination Project and need your support! Please donate now to help as we continue to grow! Did you know?

  • We’ve increased the number of Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leader Trainings from five events in 2016, to 10 in 2017. More than 20 training events are anticipated for 2018! Each training event generates an average of 18 new Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leaders, who learn self-care practices for themselves and then go on to lead others in their local communities. Our intent is formation of a Community Practice group following each Tai Chi Easy Practice Leader training.
  • We are growing a nationwide network of Community Practice Groups. These community practice groups are how we make self-care practices available to all!

  • Infrastructure to support Tai Chi Easy Dissemination™, Community Practice Leaders and Groups is needed!
    A gift of $35 provides a one-week stipend to support a community practice group;
    A contribution in the amount of $140 supports a community practice group for one month;
    A donation of $225 provides a partial scholarship for Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leader training,
    and the scholarship recipient's pledge to establish a free or low cost community practice group!

The Tai Chi Easy™ Dissemination Project is the catalyst of our goal, “Training thousands to improve the health of millions.”

Your support makes it possible for the Healer Within Foundation to bring community-based Qigong/Tai Chi and other self-healing body-mind-spirit-practices to greater numbers of people. Please donate today. Thank you!


Join Us

5th Saturday Gatherings begin at noon PST/3:00 pm EST and last for approximately 90 minutes.

September 29, 2018 - Emotional Health and the Practice of Qigong and Tai Chi
December 29, 2018 - Qi and Tea Ceremony: Renewal and Recommittment

If you haven't already, please sign up now to RSVP for this special series of Zoom* meetings to make friends, get support, and stay in touch with others who lead practice and care about health and wellness! Space is limited so secure your spot on the cloud today!

*access by computer with video or by phone

Volunteer Spotlight: HWF Board Members

There is much to be said about the donation of time - especially in the form of volunteerism. We'd like to highlight the gifts of some of our very special volunteers, members of the Healer Within Foundation Board of Directors.

The HWF Board of Directors met July 6-7 to update the strategic plan and governing documents of the organization. The Board was graciously hosted at the Katonah, New York home of Emeritus Board member, Daniel Weicher.

A big thank you to our hard-working Board members and to Dan for his amazing hospitality!

Read more about those who currently serve on the HWF Board HERE

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Organize A Tai Chi Easy™ Training Event

There have been 14 Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leader training events held so far in 2018, with more scheduled, and even a few more still in the approval process! Plans are already underway for several 2019 events, too! Why not bring a Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leader training event to your area?

If you are Interested in organizing a Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leader Training event or have questions about the process contact Christie Ward for more information.

Click HERE for a full list of TCEPL training dates and check back often as
new training opportunities are being added regularly.

Check Out The HWF Blog

We add new blog content regularly, including articles written by guest authors. Helpful tips, research links and other writings related to the practices of tai chi and qigong are shared.

Check out the HWF Blog for some great information and feel free to join in the discussions!

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