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April, 2021

Restore Our Earth, Restore Ourselves

"The earth is what we all have in common." - Wendell Berry

Earth Day will be celebrated later this month on April 22 with gatherings and festivities (many virtual) around the world. The theme for this year's event is, "Restore Our Earth."

There are obvious benefits to restoring this giant orb we call home. The protection and conservation of our natural resources and environment are of paramount importance. However, one of the less obvious blessings from Mother Nature is the health benefit just being in nature can provide.

Growing research suggests as little as two hours per week simply walking in a natural, outdoor setting can provide improved physical and emotional wellbeing. Below are just a few suggestions to help you connect with the restorative power of the earth:

  • Try spending  a minimum of 15 minutes a day consciously connecting with the earth on a
    walk, in a park, on the beach. Reach out and touch a tree lovingly - or even give it a hug!
  • Go barefoot. Kick off your shoes and feel the pulse of the connection to the earth flow
    up to nourish every cell of your being. As Thich Nhat Hahn said, “Walk as if you are kissing
    the Earth with your feet.”
  • Notice all the sounds in nature. Allow the sounds of nature washing through you, whether it’s
    birds, water, the breeze, the rain or even the sound of nature's divine stillness.
  • Observe the colors of nature and how the light changes throughout the day. Take the time
    to notice the depth of green in different leaves or how the colors of the sky come alive at sunset.
  • It is easy to socially distance in nature! Plan to take a vacation in nature hiking, backpacking
    or gently exploring.
  • Find new, local nature spots to explore, and while you are there, use a simple meditation like
    noticing your breaths for a few minutes to help you ground and reconnect with Mother
    Earth, wherever you are.

For more information on how you can get involved and celebrate Earth Day, please see Remember, in restoring our earth we restore ourselves!

Be well,
Your friends at the Healer Within Foundation

HWF Practice Leader Fellowship Program. Apply NOW!

We are delighted to announce the Healer Within Foundation Practice Leader Fellowship Program!

The Program seeks to identify and support remarkable individuals who cultivate practice groups with people and in traditionally underserved communities  to increase the availability of self-healing for all people.

The HWF Practice Leader Fellowship Program will:
Solicit applications from qualified individuals to lead Healer Within and/or Tai Chi Easy™ practice groups in locations which might otherwise not be able to support such groups dues to lack of access; Identify and highlight extraordinary individuals who are reaching marginalized communities and support their efforts towards greater impact; Showcase creative approaches from diverse members of our global community; Inspire others to take innovative and creative approaches to implementing and disseminating Tai Chi Easy™ and other evidence-based wellness practices.

HWF will award two $1,000 fellowships in 2021. The funds are intended to provide teaching fees to practice group leaders who lead groups with populations who might not otherwise support such leaders by fees or donations.

We welcome applications from individuals who meet all of the following eligibility criteria:

  • Currently certified as Healer Within or Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leaders,
  • Leading (or will lead) practice groups, predominantly from underserved communities,
  • Awardees must agree to all program requirements as follows:
    • Commit to a full year of leading practice 
    • Provide a brief, written progress update after six months
    • Participation in the Tai Chi Easy™ CPG Benefits Survey
    • Agree to share Fellow experience through HWF publications and events, such
      as the HWF Newsletter and Fifth Saturday program

If you meet the above criteria, we encourage you to complete and submit the Application Form. Applications will be accepted through June 15, 2021.

Questions? Contact [email protected].

ONLINE Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leader Training

There is still time to register for our April/May Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leader training! 

This highly anticipated training will take place via live online sessions being held from April 23 - May 2, 2021 and
will be conducted by IIQTC Certified Trainers Michael Fortier, Kristen Musolino and Alan Zemel.

Click HERE for more information or to register and learn what Tai Chi Easy™ can do for you through our informational VIDEO.

21 Nursing Contact Hours Included! This continuing nursing education  activity is approved by the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA), an accredited approver of the  American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. Program #1488.

A REFRESH-ing Opportunity

Consider refreshing your Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leader skills by attending the upcoming ONLINE Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leader training event highlighted above. 

Refresh opportunities are open to anyone who has completed Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leader training in the past and are a wonderful way to brush up on your technique, make new friends and grow your personal and/or community practice. Best of all, Refresh tuition is only $250 for the full live, 5-session online training experience!

Please click HERE to register today or keep an eye on the HWF Training Calendar to plan your Refresh-ing experience at another of our upcoming 2021 Tai Chi Easy™ training events.

New Empowered Relief Program

Join instructor Josie Weaver on Thursday, May 20 at Noon PT, for a powerful 2-hour interactive presentation focused on relief from chronic pain. Josie will feature Qigong breath and movement exercises rooted in the Empowered Relief pain skills course developed by Stanford University pain scientist, Dr. Beth Darnall.

If you are alive, you will at some point experience pain in your life. How you think and feel about pain will, in many ways, determine your pain experience. This presentation will explain why this is so and provide you tools to handle pain or support others in your life, who may be experiencing a prolonged or chronic pain experience.

Cost for this informative and empowering presentation is only $47. Space is limited, so please click HERE to register today!

AWAKEN Your Healer Within

Due to positive feedback and a steady stream of orders, we're keeping the ordering window open a bit longer on this popular design. Click HERE or on the image below to order yours today!

Several colors and styles are available. Orders placed by April  17th will begin shipping on April 26th. Every order helps to support the HWF mission! Thank you!

Healer Within Foundation Educational Summit

Plans for our Educational Summit event happening May 29th, 2021 are shaping up and registration will open soon!

This online educational opportunity will be open to the public, and will be a great way to invite people to learn more about the benefits of practice, deepen their existing practice through a workshop experience, meet new teachers and discover training opportunities. All proceeds from the Summit will benefit Healer Within Foundation, to sustain the mission of sharing practice and empowering people to be well, through simple and powerful mind/body/spirit techniques.

There is still room in the schedule for a few additional presenters and group moderators/facilitators. HWF has budgeted monies to award stipends for those volunteers who take leadership roles in this event. While humble in amount,  the stipends are part of the intent the Foundation has to recognize talent and participation in sharing your time and talents. 

Do you have interest in participating as a presenter or breakout room host, moderator or discussion facilitator? If so, fantastic! Please let us know by sending us an email and offering a few details:

  • Role you are interested in - Presenter or Panel Discussion Moderator/Facilitator
  • Area/specific topic you might present on or the panel you would like to moderate
  • Product or service you could "sell" to participants (coaching, classes, a book, etc.)
    through your website.
  • Any ideas you would like to share with us about this event

Questions? Email [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

HWF Website Login Instructions - Please Read!

We'd like to invite you to explore the Healer Within Foundation website! We continue to add new content, most recently launching the HWF Blog, which we hope you will read and add your comments, too. To login, you will first need to set up your password. Click here to update your Password. Once updated, you can login here, using your Username -  - and new Password.

While you are logged in, please complete your profile (it is searchable to help other HWF community members find you)! Logging in allows you to make a donation securely, see our community member-only content such as the files on the Organize an Event page and to sign up for events such as the Gathering in the Cloud meetings.