At our most recent 5th Saturday Gathering in the Cloud on December 30th, those present participated in a Gongfu Tea Ceremony. For those not familiar, this ancient Chinese tea ceremony provides so much more than a cup of thoughtfully brewed tea.

The ceremony helps to focus the mind and provides time for calm reflection in our busy lives. The hand movements used by those familiar to the tea ceremony are slow and graceful, almost like a dance...many likenesses to the practice of Tai Chi! The silence during the ceremony is magical and provides time for participants to really focus on all aspects of the tea – the appearance of the tea leaves, the aroma and color of the tea, the beauty of the pot and cups and perhaps most important, the sense of companionship among everyone present. The tea ceremony can be used as a form of meditation and is something you may wish to repeat on a regular basis as part of your relaxation regimen.